From BEJSC Club Girl to finishing a Walking Marathon!

Local heroine and ex-BEJSC Club Girl walks Marathon for Breast Cancer research!


The event took place on 7-May-2023 near Southampton and helps to raise crucial funds for research into a breast cancer vaccine. Here’s what Helen has said about completing the marathon walk and how having been a member of BEJSC in her teens helped her:


“BEJSC taught me so much, not just the actual sports but the teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, that the more effort you put in the more you get out etc., having fun and great friends.


It was when I attended my first ever BEJSC annual awards ceremony when I saw the club girl and club boy awards handed out. That moment I clearly remember as it was my first memory of inspiration. Little did I realise at that point that I would become club girl myself one day!


When I signed up for the marathon, I was very quickly reminded about how important it is to have personal goals and targets to aim for – I feel so proud to have completed a walking marathon. Thank-you for all of your support – BEJSC has been an amazing part of my childhood and teenage years that I often reflect on! Best wishes, Helen”.


Helen says that completing the marathon was one of the toughest challenges she has ever set for herself and that she is immmensely proud of herself and incredibly grateful for everybody who supported her and helped her to raise money for the breast cancer charity. Well done, Helen!.


Helen thanks everyone who supported her in her fundraising endeavour!


Find out more about the event here.

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