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Houston – we have a problem!

The old fluorescent lights in the sports hall and climbing walls are coming to the end of their life. This is because the light tubes are no longer available from electrical wholesalers and quite a few years earlier than expected.

To keep the hall safe and usable for our members, volunteers and the local community they need replacing with LED. This is great, but our reserve fund is not quite as ready as it needs to be, as the problem is occurring earlier than our planned intervention.

We have spoken with specialists who advise us that we will need a budget of £20,000 to correctly replace the lights in the hall and also the climbing wall. We are, as you’d expect, applying for grants from benevolent agencies, but most funds are rightly being diverted towards urgent covid-related support, which leaves BEJSC and the local community short.

“How can I help?”, we hear you say? Simply, and only if you can afford it, please either buy a copy of our book or make a donation, and we will be extremely grateful and may even ‘shine a light’ on you if we can :-).


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