Age Groups:

The Climbing section runs climbing sessions for ages 6-18, however we do have a very long waiting list, so please be patient if you are on it currently. At the moment we run seven sessions a week. Two seniors groups and five junior groups. We work on a range of skills and techniques, and even invent our own games to help challenge us e.g. pirates!. Earlier this year we invented the sport of Wall Surfing, this although being a lot of fun will also help us with our balance and getting to know the wall better.

Sessions run on:- Monday 4.30-5.30 Tuesday 4.30-5.30, 5.30-6.30, 6.30-8pm Thursday 4.30-5.30, 5.30-6.30, 6.30-8pm

Private Bookings

You can book the wall privately, please contact us for details. If you are over eighteen and still want to climb then please view The Climbing Wall page. If you are interested in climbing some interesting links are below:

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