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This section starts from age 8. The Canoeing Section of BEJSC provides both training and racing opportunities. Now it’s the summer, we train on the river, on Mondays, Tuesday’s for beginners and Fridays for the more advanced with a selection of various canoes to try out, although this does depend on your ability; during the winter, we have a canoe machine which we use at the Sports Club. The races which we take part in, gain points for the club which go toward the ‘Hasler Finals’ which we aim to take part in each year.

The racing season is now drawing to a close, with a few out-of-region races followed by the Henley race; come September, the Marlow race will begin the new season. It looks doubtful that we will be able to make the Hassler finals this year, as we have not been able to gain the necessary number of points in the in-region races. But there is always next year, and we welcome any new members who would like to give canoeing a try and maybe enter some races too. The club also commends Hannah Draper, Kevin Draper, Alan Arkondakis, Peter Selwood and David Ferris for completing the Devizes to Westminster 125 mile race. This event is considered to be the ‘canoeists Everest’ and so determination, strength, stamina, (and a degree of insanity!), are essential for completion!

If you would like further information on racing seasons or the Devizes to Westminster please contact us.

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