Games Day 2011

The games day is a bringing together of the junior members of the club. For a few hours, people from any section can come along and have some fun with the whole club. The day is not based on any individual sport offered by the club, so there is no pressure or excessive competition - a lighthearted atmosphere for an afternoon of fun.

This time, the activities included:
  • A warm up dance, lead by a member of the Junior Committee. The track was Timewarp (click here to hear it). Dance is becoming ever more popular and this was a great way to warm everyone up a little in the middle of the winter!
  • The Pirate game! This is a game where the crew must follow the Cap’n’s orders. Port, Starboard, Bow, Stern, Climb the Rigging, Scrub the Deck and many more. This activity brought out the inner pirate in everyone in attendance; y’arr.
  • A definite favourite was next - Parachute games. This involved a large parachute, many people, and a number of rubber ducks, amongst other things.Parachute
  • We continued the active theme with a few games of duck hockey. A new game, this first involved the creation of our own hockey sticks - a combination of newspaper and lots of sticky tape! There were then some very close relay races between four teams. Hand eye co-ordination was a must, but this posed no problem for our skilled participants.Duck Hockey
  • To finish off with, after a brief (but important) cool down, the afternoon was finished off with some fruit squash and fairy cakes for all.
  • Thank you to everyone involved in organising the event and to everyone for coming along!