BEJSC Basketball vs. SWBGS Basketball

Match report written by Joe Lawrie:

On Friday 20th January, the senior basketball section played a friendly match against the year 11 team from Sir William Borlase's Grammar School. Geoff was the referee and Arran the head coach of the BEJSC team. I was playing for SWBGS. I include a brief match report below:

Basketball: SWBGS vs BEJSC 20/01/12

Final score: BEJSC (Bourne End Junior Sports Club) 37 - 36 SWBGS (Sir William Borlase's Grammar School)

       After what appeared would be a washout win for BEJSC, being up by 18 points at the half, SWBGS came back in style. SWBGS exhibited some effective defence in the third quarter, bringing them right back into the game. Once Borlase got up and running, the points piled in. The deficit was erased by the end of the third quarter.
       The fourth quarter had the supporters on the edge of their seats, with the lead swapping between the two teams regularly. After a competitive few minutes, several players on both teams had accumulated several personal fouls, forcing their respective coaches to bring them off the court. After a low-post score from Borlase, they went were up by one point, the score at BEJSC 35 - Borlase 36. With less than a minute to play, it would be up to BEJSC to score.
       Oliver Seber (BEJSC) managed to draw a shooting foul and took two free throws, making one. Scores tied at 36. An unsuccessful offensive trip for SWBGS got Bourne End up and running. They found big-man Jacob Lowe who could not finish the break, but was fouled and sent to the free throw line. He had the golden moment, the chance to make the game winner. "No pressure, Jacob." - Arran Kang, head coach BEJSC. After missing the first, it hitting the right iron and bouncing away harmlessly, SWBGS had a chance.
       The second free throw, however, was without fault, passing cleanly through the hoop. The look of surprise around the court at the shot did not last very long, as Borlase had precious few seconds to make a final play. The running clock expired with SWBGS advancing down the court for the final time.

       It was an exciting game for all involved, a good matchup. A rematch is on the cards, though that will be when Borlase gets back on its home court for practice once more, come February.Thank you to the volunteer referee, Geoff Thomas, for his hard work. Thank you to our scorers and the other volunteers from BEJSC who made the event possible and a success. Finally, thank you to our players for an exciting and enjoyable game.

BEJSC Basketball team
(Most of) The BEJSC Senior Squad.

Joe Lawrie, Club Boy.