SCAN newsletter September 2010

Scan – September 2010

Welcome back
to all our members and hall users after the summer break. You will notice the building looking much smarter with new paintwork, a scrubbed and re-sealed floor plus lots of new signs around inside and outside the building – a real facelift. The summer break gives time to get all these tasks completed as the hall is used almost constantly the rest of the year. Thank you to our manager who has worked hard during the last few weeks.

The Sports Club AGM recently took place with current Officers and Directors being re-elected for a further year. The club continues to run smoothly and meets to the best of its ability, the aims and objectives set out in the Memorandum and Articles as intended by the brave people who started the club 40 years ago. Whilst many things have been reviewed and modernised to meet present day needs the ethos is still just the same – to provide sport and recreation for children and young people in the area.

Friends of BEJSC
Calling all those who have been members, parents and supporters of BEJSC over the years – we are collating a database of contacts so that we can keep you up to date with club activities and events and invite you along to any special occasions we may be staging. We also may, from time to time, seek your help – perhaps to help us find a star to present our awards at Prizegiving, or similar contributions to the smooth running of the Club. Please let us know who you are, what your connection to BEJSC was/is and how we can keep in touch by e-mailing your details to us at"> or by phoning the club to leave a message, we would love to hear from you. We are also setting up a link on Facebook so please chat with us on there too. After such a long time of serving the local community we know so many hundreds of people who have been close to BEJSC at times but of course we have lost touch.

We also still run the
200 Club and you just may want to join in this monthly draw and help the club whilst at the same time possibly winning a cash prize – the more who take part the greater the prize money!

Section News
The sections we run are Basketball, Badminton, Canoeing, Climbing, Football, Judo, Inline Hockey, and Swimming. If you would like further details about any of these please get in touch with us or look at our web: The age range for members is 5 through to 18+ years; however, some sports cannot cater for the very young. The time day and venue for the sports varies – many are based in our premises, but some are elsewhere such as pools in Handy Cross, Marlow, and Wycombe Abbey; football training is on various pitches around the area; canoeing is on the River Thames.

Open Day Saturday 9
th October
Please come and visit us on our Open Day so that you can see for yourself the range of opportunities we offer to children and young people. The Sports Hall will be open from 10.00 until 12 noon when visitors can take part in different sports and find out about the club sections. Please come prepared with clean trainers, etc.

On the same day The Exercise Clinic will be Open for Visitors to find out about keeping fit for adults and the over 16’s. This is based next to the Sports Hall in the Wye Valley School – call 01628 528226 for more information about the gym.
Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
On Sunday 17th October we are holding a sponsored Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in the Sports Hall for able bodied to try out his exciting sport. This very popular event is to raise money for the Aces Wheelchair Team which trains in our hall. Teams of 5 or 6 can take part – it is great fun, very enjoyable and for a very good cause. Even if you are only able to find half a team let us know and we can pair you up with others. Why not get a group together and come and join us, wheelchairs provided! Please contact BEJSC for more details.

Climbing Parties
Did you know you can book a Climbing Party at the Sports Hall? We cater for ages 6 and over; participants need no experience as they will be guided by our instructors. Please phone for details on 01628 528110 or e-mail

Visit our website– for more information.

What else is available at the Sports Hall?
For information on the adult clubs who use our premises please contact the Sports Hall.

Pilates Class – don’t forget this class is on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 7.30 p.m. This gentle form of exercise is suitable for all ages. Please contact us for more details.

Treatment Room – for all your aches, pains, and sports injuries contact Jason on 01628 528226