B.E.J.S.C. Junior Committee Meeting Minutes 27/03/2013

5 Apologies.
  • We have now got a formal EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
    • Including: Emergency contacts and Accident report form.
  • These documents are going to go digitally to section leaders soon.
  • Most sections are on a 2 week break for Easter Holidays.

Section News

  • Drama at Badminton!
    • One of the players had a knee injury.
      • An ambulance was called.
  • There are 3 courts worth of players every week.
  • The social side of the club is good.

  • There is a charity tournament being organised.
    • It is on the 28th April. About 6 teams. Looking to raise money for Curie Cancer care.
    • Juniors are off for three weeks because of the bank holiday and Easter Holidays.
  • No river work still for the Canoers.
  • It is very cold and the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster race is set to be one of the toughest ever in the event’s 65 year history.

    • There has been an increase in Children’s parties recently. Good income for the Club.

  • Chelsea are through to the quarter finals of Europa league.
  • U13s are going to a tournament in Selsey.
  • This year’s Sportsfest is on 8th June.

  • Looking for some help for Friday evening Judo club.

  • New issue with helpers
    • They are there for the first session, then leave between the first and the second session.
  • At the Oxon and North Bucks County Championships this year the Senior Boys relay squad did well - they swam as fast as they could and did not come last!
  • One swimmer did really well and won a Bronze medal in the 50m Freestyle!
  • There is a planned stratification of the swimming system. There will be a competitive, non-competitive and learn to swim split - details to come.
  • Many team galas coming up soon like Chiltern League round 3 and Aylesbury Relay gala.

  • One committee member is running the Race for Life!
  • Time Capsule:
    • Suggested it could be placed inside in the back of the office instead of it being buried outside.
      • Everyone is going to write a few sentences to go into it, along with an item and a picture?
  • Young Leaders’ project 2013
    • Our participant is leading a swimming session.
    • It is going to be this Saturday - 30/03/2013
    • Our participant has already had his meeting with an Action4Youth Staff member about his project.
    • Our participant really enjoyed the first weekend.
    • Our participant is returning on 19/04/2013.

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