200 Club Relaunch!

The BEJSC 200 Club was set up in 1994 and since then has provided a valuable source of income for the club. However over the eighteen years the number of participants has naturally dwindled as people have left or moved away and its supporters are mainly well known stalwarts of the club.

In view of the Olympics we feel 2012 is an ideal time to re-launch the 200 Club. We intend to have two draws a year at the Presentation Evening in July and at the Junior Committee’s Christmas party and will publish the winners in The Target and on our website. Half the money raised will go into the Draw and winners will be paid by cheque. The money raised will be used to send members from all sections on the Young Leadership Course (information below) helping to create leaders of the future, details of which will also be published in the Target and on this website.

It’s just £1 per number per month and you can pay every month by Faster Payment or Standing Order, or for six or twelve months by cheque.

Please contact us, either by emailing me at or write to me at BEJSC, New Road, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5BW. Please include your name, address, telephone number and cheque or choice of payment and I will send you your numbers(s), the club’s Bank details or a Standing Order form by return.

These are some quotes from members of the club who have done the Action4Youth course, about how valuable it has proven:

“We still use the skills we learned today in planning activities for younger members of the club, such as the Games Day” - Emily, completed course in 2009.
“A fun character building exercise, where you can meet people from all walks of life” - Mark, completed course in 2001.
“It has made me more confident in leading amongst my peers and others” - Emma, currently completing her course in 2012.
“The skills are useful across the club” - George, completed the course in 2009
“I did the course a couple of years ago and I think it really acted as a launchpad. It gave me the confidence I lacked when I was younger and has set me on paths such as this one - being responsible for a website!” - Joe, completed the course in 2009.
“At the time I didn’t realise how much I was learning (including what I learnt about myself) and how valuable the knowledge would become. I have used it in so many ways and so many areas, and enjoyed giving something back to other young people within, and outside of, the club. An awesome experience that I hope many other young people are able to have access to.” - Anna, completed the course in 2009.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to write us an email!

Good Luck!
Christine Norton
200 Club Organiser.

Please click here to view the booklet of information about this year’s Young Leaders’ Course by Action4Youth.