Junior Committee

Junior Committee at Bourne End Junior sports club consists of about 8 members at the moment. It is aimed at people who are 12 (year 8) or thereabouts. We meet once a month and are led by club chair Liz Hutton. Junior committee aims to bring another angle to how the club can be improved by giving an opinion from the junior members point of view. It has proven to be valuable and has produced results you will all have signed in the form of the code of conduct for members. It aims to have at least one member if not more from each of the eight sections.

We meet on a Wednesday evening at the sports club on New Road usually at about 7:30 and are usually done by 8:30 at the latest. You get to hear what’s going on in the rest of the club, drinks and biscuits are provided and you have the chance to get involved in such programmes as young leaders course which is a fantastic opportunity and also great for UCAS applications. Junior committee usually organises quizzes, parties in general and fundraising events too. All ideas are welcome. If you are a member, of the club, and want to include yourself in the Junior Committee, please talk to your sections current representative or
contact us.